Caitlin offers private evaluations, sensory gym and home sessions,
home and school consultation, parent support sessions, and workshops.



Caitlin offers comprehensive evaluations to determine each child's needs and establish goals for therapy.

Individual Sessions

Caitlin offers 1:1 sensory gym or home sessions to help your child improve sensory processing, fine motor, coordination, social participation and confidence.

Parent Support Sessions

Sessions devoted specifically to working with parents to develop strategies for home.  

Home and School Consultation

Through home and school visits and collaboration with teachers, Caitlin can facilitate productive, sensory-based adaptations at home and at school so that your child is supported by their environment.

Therapeutic Yoga

For both children and adults. With the goal of integration, learn now to improve self-regulation and build strength through yoga. Learn how you can make yoga a joyful and restorative part of your daily routine. 


For parents and teachers ready to learn more about Sensory Integration, developing daily routines that work, and using yoga at home and in the classroom.


For everyone else

Whether you're just graduating from college, becoming a new parent, looking to develop a home yoga practice, seeking support through a life transition, or just hoping to find more ease in your daily life, Caitlin offers private therapy sessions combining yoga and integrative coaching.